Text Message Marketing Lands Papa John's in $250 Million Lawsuit

Oct 15, 2022

Welcome to Central Ohio SEO, your trusted partner in Business and Consumer Services, specializing in SEO services. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the infamous $250 million lawsuit that Papa John's faced as a result of their text message marketing campaign gone wrong. At Central Ohio SEO, we are committed to ensuring our clients' success and protecting them from legal implications arising from their marketing efforts.

The Rise of Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing has gained immense popularity in recent years. It provides businesses with a direct and efficient way to reach their target audience. However, it is essential to proceed with caution and adhere to legal and ethical guidelines to avoid potential lawsuits.

The Lawsuit Against Papa John's

In 2010, Papa John's, a renowned pizza delivery chain, faced a severe setback when they were hit with a $250 million lawsuit. The reason behind this staggering legal action was their unsolicited text message marketing campaign, which violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Papa John's had sent numerous unwanted promotional text messages to their customers without obtaining their explicit consent. This act not only irritated their customer base but also violated their privacy rights. As a result, they faced severe backlash and legal consequences.

Implications for Businesses

This landmark case highlighted the importance of following best practices and complying with relevant regulations during any promotional campaign. The consequences of non-compliance with the TCPA can be severe, resulting in substantial financial penalties and damage to brand reputation.

Central Ohio SEO understands these complexities and offers expert guidance to businesses looking to harness the power of text message marketing legally and effectively. With our in-depth knowledge of the latest regulations, we can ensure your strategies are compliant and mitigate any potential risks.

Ensuring Compliance with Central Ohio SEO

At Central Ohio SEO, we prioritize our clients' success, and that includes protecting them from legal issues related to their marketing efforts. Our team of experienced professionals stay up to date with the ever-evolving regulations governing text message marketing.

Our Approach

When partnering with us, you can expect a meticulous approach to text message marketing. We conduct thorough consultations to understand your business goals and target audience. This allows us to tailor a personalized marketing strategy that complies with the laws and regulations while maximizing your reach and boosting conversion rates.

Comprehensive Compliance Guidelines

Our team ensures that your text message marketing campaigns align with TCPA guidelines by implementing the following measures:

  • Obtaining Consent: We help you navigate the process of obtaining explicit consent from your customers before sending promotional text messages.
  • Unsubscribe Options: We include easily accessible unsubscribe options in all messages, allowing recipients to opt-out at any time.
  • Frequency Capping: We establish frequency limits to ensure your customers are not overwhelmed with messages, avoiding the risk of irritating your audience.
  • Compliant Content: We meticulously review and approve all marketing content to ensure it adheres to regulations and does not include any misleading or deceptive information.

The Benefits of Central Ohio SEO

By partnering with Central Ohio SEO for your text message marketing needs, you gain numerous advantages:

1. Expert Knowledge

Our team consists of SEO professionals with in-depth knowledge of text message marketing regulations. We stay on top of industry changes, ensuring our clients' campaigns are always up to par.

2. Risk Mitigation

Central Ohio SEO understands the potential legal implications of non-compliant text message marketing strategies. We provide comprehensive guidelines and implement measures to safeguard your business from lawsuits and reputational damage.

3. Increased Reach & Conversion

With our personalized and legally compliant strategies, your business can effectively reach your target audience through text message marketing. By employing persuasive and engaging content alongside compliant practices, we help maximize your conversion rates and drive growth.


In the aftermath of the Papa John's $250 million lawsuit, it is clear that businesses must exercise caution when implementing text message marketing campaigns. By partnering with Central Ohio SEO, you can rest assured that your marketing efforts will remain legally compliant, mitigating any potential risks while achieving your business goals.

Reach out to Central Ohio SEO today to discover how we can help your business thrive with our comprehensive and legally compliant text message marketing strategies.

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