What Is Form Spam and How You Can Prevent It

Apr 5, 2022

Introduction to Form Spam

Form spam is a common issue faced by website owners in the business and consumer services - SEO services industry, such as Central Ohio SEO. It refers to the unwanted and unsolicited submissions received through forms on websites. These form submissions are typically generated by automated bots and can cause various problems for website owners.

Form spam can result in increased server load, wasted storage space, compromised user experience, and potentially harm your website's reputation. It is important to understand the impact of form spam and implement effective strategies to prevent it.

Types of Form Spam

Form spam can manifest in different forms, including:

  • Keyword Spam: Bots use your website's forms to submit irrelevant keywords or links in an attempt to manipulate search engine rankings.
  • Email Harvesting: Bots target your contact forms to collect email addresses for sending unsolicited emails or selling them to spammers.
  • Malicious Content: Some bots exploit form vulnerabilities to inject malicious code or links that can harm your website or visitors.
  • Fake Submissions: Bots submit fake form submissions that appear as if they come from real users, making it difficult to differentiate between genuine and spam submissions.

Impact of Form Spam on Your Website

Form spam can negatively affect your website's performance and user experience. Some of the common consequences include:

  • Increased server load and bandwidth consumption, leading to slower website speed and higher hosting costs.
  • Overwhelming your inbox with spam emails, making it challenging to find genuine customer inquiries.
  • Potential damage to your website's reputation if spam submissions are publicly visible or affect the functionality of your site.
  • User frustration due to receiving unwanted spam emails or encountering malicious content.

Preventing Form Spam

To protect your website from form spam, consider implementing the following strategies:


Integrate a CAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA solution into your forms to differentiate between human users and bots. This helps ensure that only legitimate submissions are accepted.

2. Form Field Validation:

Implement client-side and server-side form field validation to verify the data submitted through your forms. This helps filter out invalid submissions and potential spam.

3. Honeypot Technique:

Utilize the honeypot technique by adding a hidden form field that should not be filled by users. Bots often complete hidden fields, allowing you to identify and reject spam submissions.

4. Form Submission Limits:

Set limits on form submissions from the same IP address within a specified time frame. This can prevent bots from bombarding your forms with numerous submissions.

5. Regular Form Maintenance:

Maintain and update your forms regularly to address any potential vulnerabilities. Stay up-to-date with the latest form security practices and consider using secure frameworks or plugins.

6. Spam Filtering Solutions:

Implement robust spam filtering solutions at the server level to automatically detect and block known spam patterns.


Form spam can be a significant nuisance and a threat to your website's performance and reputation. By implementing effective prevention strategies like CAPTCHA, form field validation, and regular maintenance, you can significantly reduce the impact of form spam on your website. Central Ohio SEO, as a leading provider of SEO services in the business and consumer services industry, understands the importance of combating form spam to ensure optimal website functionality and user experience.

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