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Jan 3, 2024


Welcome to RacehorseMed, where we are dedicated to providing exceptional pet services and veterinarians specifically tailored for racehorses. We understand the unique needs and requirements of these magnificent animals, and our team of highly skilled professionals is committed to delivering the highest standard of care.

The Importance of Horse Health

Horses are remarkable creatures, and their strength and grace make them ideal athletes for various equestrian sports, including racing. However, just like any other athlete, racehorses require thorough attention to detail when it comes to their health and well-being. At RacehorseMed, we recognize the significance of maintaining optimal health for racehorses to ensure their peak performance.

Professional Veterinarians at Your Service

With years of experience in the field, our team of highly trained veterinarians specializes in equine care, particularly racehorses. They possess a deep understanding of the demands of the racing industry and are equipped with the latest knowledge and technological advancements in veterinary science.

Preventive Care

One of the essential aspects of racehorse health is preventive care. Our veterinarians conduct routine check-ups on racehorses to ensure their overall well-being. From vaccinations to dental care, we leave no stone unturned in guaranteeing that your racehorse receives the best care possible.

Comprehensive Examinations

Regular examinations are crucial for racehorses to identify any underlying health issues that may hinder their performance. At RacehorseMed, we offer comprehensive examinations, including blood work, X-rays, and ultrasounds, to provide a thorough assessment of your horse's health.

Advanced Treatment Options

Racehorse health conditions can be diverse and require tailored treatment plans. Our veterinarians stay updated with the latest advances in equine medicine and offer a wide range of treatment options, including surgical procedures, medications, and rehabilitation services. We understand that each racehorse is unique, and we create individualized treatment plans to ensure their swift and optimal recovery.

Equine Sports Medicine

As experts in equine sports medicine, our veterinarians have a deep understanding of the physical demands placed on racehorses during training and competition. We specialize in diagnosing and treating sports-related injuries, ensuring that your racehorse receives the appropriate care to resume peak performance as quickly as possible.

Alternative Therapies

Alongside traditional treatment options, RacehorseMed also offers alternative therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, and massage therapy. These holistic approaches can complement conventional treatments, promoting overall wellness and enhancing your horse's recovery process.

A Personalized Approach to Care

At RacehorseMed, we understand that every racehorse has unique needs. We take pride in our personalized approach to care, tailoring our services to meet each horse's specific requirements. Our team works closely with trainers, owners, and caretakers to develop a well-rounded and comprehensive healthcare plan that promotes longevity and success on the track.


RacehorseMed is committed to empowering racehorses with quality care through our exceptional pet services and specialized veterinarians. We understand the significance of a healthy and well-maintained racehorse for achieving success in the highly competitive racing industry. By placing your trust in RacehorseMed, you can rest assured that your racehorse will receive the utmost care, allowing them to unleash their full potential on the track.